Is your workplace FireSafe?

What makes us different? …Why is FireSafe better?

We understand that workplace safety is a priority and the fact is we love what we do. We don’t try to sell you what you don’t need, we tell you what it takes to keep you in compliance and provide those products and services in a timely fashion. We understand it is the quality of our service that will keep you coming back to us. We believe in building a relationship with our customers. We are here to answer your questions and take the time to explain our products and services. Selling you the equipment and maintaining it is only half the job, we let you know the why, what, and how too. Let us show you why we do it better.

coname-txt2is your source for fire safety solutions for the workplace. We are here to help you keep your workplace in compliance with current standards and regulations. Whether you need to purchase fire extinguishers for a new facility, have your existing extinguishers inspected and maintained, or provide training for your employees, coname-txt2is here to help. We offer a full line of fire and safety products and services. We can answer your questions and provide the proper equipment to protect your workplace.

Fire extinguishers are your first defense when confronted with a fire emergency. It is required that this vital life safety equipment is inspected and maintained annually.

  • Are Your Employees Trained in Fire Extinguisher Use?
  • Do you have fire equipment in place that meets your workplace needs?
  • Are your fire extinguishers properly located with appropriate signage?
  • Does your workplace have special hazards that require fire equipment designed for that hazard?
  • Are the fire extinguishers in your workplace designed to protect your expensive or delicate electronic equipment?
  • Are your Clean Rooms or Lab Areas properly protected?

A FireSafe representative can help you find the solutions to these questions and many more.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the safety of the employee. At coname-txt2we recognize this and consider it a great responsibility to help our customers meet their goals. Think safe. Work safe. coname-txt2, people you can depend on. Is your workplace FireSafe? Contact us today to find out

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